Hyper Hasher

Hyper Hasher 6.0.4

Check the integrity of your files with checksums


  • Simple way to check integrity of files
  • Supports 26 different algorithms


  • Very basic interface
  • Can't detect all file corruption problems

Very good

Have you ever downloaded or transferred a file but were unusre whether it completed successfully? If so, one way to check the integrity of the file is to run a checksum check on the file.

Hyper Hasher allows you to calculate the checksum value of any file or string, which gives you a much greater idea of the integrity of the element. It is particularly useful when you want to check that a large file download was successful and there has been no failure in the transfer. This is great for your eMule or P2P downloads which may not have completed properly.

There are numerous algorithms used to perform checksum calculations and Hyper Hasher supports most of them including algorithms that allow you to make these calculations: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA - 512, HAVAL, Tiger, Panama, RIPEMD-160, FCS-16 , FCS-32, GHash-32-3, GHash-32-5 and others. Hyper Hasher also offers other interesting options such as the ability to integrate it into Windows Explorer, compare two files with each other and copy the results directly to the Clipboard.

If you have regular problems with files not opening or need to make sure a transfer has definitely worked, Hyper Hasher is a simple but powerful solution.

Hyper Hasher is a utility that allows you to calculate hash/checksum and HMAC values for any file on your system, as well as for a text string. Hash and checksum values are used to verify the integrity of computer files, as well as to uniquely identify them.

The process of hashing a file basically involves reading the entire file, and applying various mathematical algorithms to its contents, in order to produce a text string (the "hash"). The hashing process does not in any way alter the files being read. Hyper Hasher is capable of calculating 26 different hashes and checksums.

Hyper Hasher


Hyper Hasher 6.0.4

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